Raytec SPARTAN Hazardous Area Luminaires1: High performance

Latest SMT LED technology delivering high lumen output of up to 9,000 lumens.

2: Emergency Lighting

SPARTAN also comes as emergency fitting with battery back-up to deliver light when it is needed
most, and can even be upgraded to an emergency fitting on site.

3: Wide Operating Temperature

Suitable for a wide variety of installations from -52°C to + 55°C and rated for T4/T5/T6 environments.

4: More Angles

8 Beam patterns from 10° to 120° both circular and elliptical.


5: Flexible Installation

Integrated PSU can be removed and located remotely at ground level for limited access areas. Up to 100m (328ft) away from the light fitting.

6: Fully Serviceable

Modular design and removable PSU and LED modules for easy installation, maintenance and inspection.

7: Outstanding Quality

Designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest standards including both ISO9001 & ISO14001. SPARTAN illuminators are all provided with an industry leading 5 year warranty.

8: Energy Saving & Efficient

Significant running and maintenance savings compared to traditional lighting technology while
maximising light output. CoolXtrude thermal technology provides heat dissipation up to 60% better than other LED illuminators.

9: Full Lighting Design Service

Raytec offer both a lighting design service and an energy and cost saving report to all our customers. Photometric files are also available for SPARTAN illuminators (.ies & .ldt).

10: White-Light & Infra-Red

SPARTAN is also available as an Infra-Red light fitting for use with surveillance cameras – distances up to 320m (1,050ft).