IP Video Night Vision Demonstration Evening, Australia – ‘Turn Night into Day’

Raytec Infra-Red Image IP Video Night DemonstartionHills and Flir host an IP Video Night Vision Demonstration Evening – ‘Turn Night into Day’, held across six cities in Australia throughout the months of August and September 2015.

Most crime happens at night so the performance of your video surveillance system during the hours of darkness is critical. Dedicated CCTV lighting and night vision technologies are central to both detecting and deterring crime and generating high quality images at night. And with the increased use of IP video surveillance systems enabling end users to view live footage at any time, it is even more crucial to ensure excellent images 24/7.

Now, with the development of network lighting designed specifically for IP cameras – system designers can go one step further and integrate smart IP lighting at the very centre of a security system to create an instant and automatic situation-dependent response for improved security and safety.

With this in mind, Raytec and partners Hills Security Solutions and leading thermal imaging expert Flir, are teaming up to offer a free educational demonstration programme to help installers and users of IP video get the most from their system at night.

Attendees will see:

The latest advances in night vision technology – including new Network Illuminators from Raytec working seamlessly with thermal imaging technology from Flir and a variety of the latest IP camera technologies.

Intelligent system design to effectively detect, identify and alert -fully integrated with Genetec and Milestone Video Management systems.

How to manage and control your whole lighting installation from any remote network location making it much easier to ensure thebest CCTV images at all times.

How to pre-programme Raytec IP lighting as a smart interactive tool through your VMS, to provide an automatic lighting response to activity on site– designed to deter crime, reduce running costs and environmental impact.


Join us from 6.00pm – 8:30pm in your local city for drinks, canapés and the practical demonstration evening.

Locations Include:

Melbourne 11th August 2015
LaTrobe Golf Course, Alphington

Sydney 13th August 2015
Ryde-Parramatta Golf Club, West Ryde

Perth – 18th August 2015 (Venue TBA)
Adelaide – 19th August 2015 (Venue TBA)
Brisbane – 20th August 2015 (Venue TBA)
Canberra- 7th September 2015 (Venue TBA)


RSVP today by emailing your name, contact telephone number and city to turnnightintoday@hills.com.au – for more information please contact your nearest Hills branch http://www.hills.com.au/customer-service

We look forward to seeing you there!