The Answer to Amazing 360° Cctv – Panoramic Ultra Lighting

Raytec Panoramic Ultra Illuminator with dome cameraLaunched at IFSEC 2015, Raytec’s new range of Panoramic Ultra Infra-Red illuminators went down a storm. The new range of illuminators is designed for all PTZ domes, wide angle and multi-sensor cameras covering large areas. It provides powerful wide angle 180° illumination to allow these cameras to generate outstanding full scene images at night – so that your camera never misses an event!

Panoramic Ultra’s performance is unrivaled. The illuminators use the latest Platinum Elite LEDs and highly focused elliptical beam patterns to deliver the best wide angle CCTV images at the greatest distances – up to 150m and beyond; and 360° with only two lighting units.

Panoramic Ultra illuminators cover huge areas, allowing cameras to capture every detail on scene. They deliver optimum light levels to allow your camera to fully zoom into any incident occurring anywhere in the scene, capturing high quality, clear images and allowing subject identification at distances up to 150m.

The new range of illuminators also allows multiple targets to be easily illuminated in large scenes. Panoramic Ultra uses the very latest high power LEDs with Holographic Lensing and Hot-spot Reduction Technology to shape and focus the light where it is most needed, achieving longer distances and eliminating hotspots in the foreground – perfect for illuminating multiple subjects at different depths of scene.

Raytec is always at the cutting edge of lighting technology, and their new Panoramic Ultra range of illuminators delivers double the power and 50% more distance than their previous generation of wide angle illuminators – unmatched anywhere in the security industry. In addition, Panoramic Ultra illuminators are now more affordable offering a 10% price reduction across the range.

Raytec also guarantee more power on scene than anybody else. They measure the light output of all of their illuminators, and each illuminator including Panoramic Ultra delivers a minimum lighting power of 0.35µW/m2 at its maximum quoted distance – guaranteeing the highest standard of image quality every time. This is much more power on scene compared to that of PTZ domes with in-built IR!

See the amazing video footage below

Panoramic Ultra illuminators deliver outstanding quality and efficiency, including; a long 10 year+ working life, low running costs and zero maintenance – supported by an industry leading 5 year warranty.

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