Take Remote Lighting Control

Raytec - VARIO IP web interfaceIntegrated Web Interface

Raytec VARIO IP network illuminators have an integrated web interface to provide direct control over the illuminator. This allows easy, simple set-up and configuration from anywhere on the network. It also allows an operator to take direct control over individual illuminators or groups of illuminators to respond to events on site in real time, adjusting the illuminator for the best performance.

Used in this way, lighting can be instantly adjusted to deliver the best CCTV images at any time, or to respond to operational changes on site. And in the case of visible White-Light illumination, it can also be utilised as a highly effective deterrent.

Network lighting also makes the final stages of commissioning the installation and ongoing maintenance much easier. Rather than making final adjustment to illuminator settings in situ, often up a ladder or lift, installers now have quick access to the lighting at any time using a computer. This reduces visits to site and minimises labour time and costs. 

Web Interface Features

  • Quick access home screen for operator control and instant response to live events
  • Instant control of individual or group of lights
  • Basic settings: power on/off, boost and deterrent lighting
  • User defined advanced settings including: timers, deterrent settings, photocell sensitivity settings, selectable external telemetry input, soft start, network settings, setting up lamp names /group names
  • Diagnostics for instant feedback on the status of each light
  • Fully password protected with separate user and administrator

Quick Access Home Page for Instant Control

Raytec - VARIO2 IP Web InterfaceRaytec - VARIO2 IP Web Interface 2

To take instant control over the lighting via the web interface operators can press the ‘override button’ on the quick access home page, allowing 30 minutes of live control before the system reverts to automatic settings.Operators can easily open the web interface of any illuminator on the network via the Raytec discovery application.

Instant control offers users the opportunity to:

1. Adjust the power of an individual illuminator or group of illuminators
2. Short term boost the power of an illuminator or group of illuminators by 20%
3. Put an illuminator or group of illuminators into deterrent mode

Power Adjust

Following an alarm, a group of illuminators can be turned ON in a key area of concern with the option to adjust the power output to achieve the best image quality for effective monitoring purposes.

For example, light levels may be remotely increased to more easily view a subject in the distance and accurately identify them. Similarly if a subject is located in the foreground, then light levels can be remotely decreased on demand for better facial recognition and to avoid over exposure from too much illumination. With network illuminators the light levels can be tailored live to optimise performance at all times.

close range subjectlong range subject

In addition, the boost function can also be selected to provide 120% power for a short period of time, to provide additional illumination on scene for increased image detail or to assist with camera focusing.Boost


Furthermore, if an operator does not recognise the subject, and if using visible White-Light illumination, they can use the live deterrent function to put a single illuminator or a group of illuminators into a warning flashing mode, to deter an intrusion on site.

unrecognised character_new

Pro -Tip – If an operator does not recognise the subject, they can use the live deterrent function to trigger lighting into a warning flashing mode, to deter an intrusion on site.

Lighting has always played a central role in improving security and safety. The growth of IP surveillance, and the simple fact that all cameras need dedicated lighting to produce their best images, have seen IP addressable network illuminators become increasingly important for all high security installations.

Since their launch VARIO IP illuminators have revolutionised real-time monitoring, and securing of assets by transforming the role of video surveillance, from that of a passive observer to one of an active participant. Users can now take powerful, real-time IP lighting control to optimise image quality, and deter crime instantly .