White-Paper: The Future of Low Light Surveillance

Raytec White-PaperAchieving high performance images at night is one of the greatest priorities of any video surveillance system. Under the cover of darkness there is a greater risk of crime, but it is also the most difficult condition for the camera to operate. This is where lighting becomes essential.

Cameras are becoming smarter and more efficient than ever, and lighting needs to adapt to support the latest camera trends. The latest trends in higher megapixel, 4k+, multi-sensor and low-light cameras, along with a greater adoption of video analytics, are fundamentally changing the way we illuminate night time scenes. Broadly speaking, the latest advances in camera technology can be grouped into three main demands on LED lighting – to produce the best surveillance images and system performance at night. These are:

  • More powerful illumination
  • Intelligent networked illumination
  • Reduced cost of illumination