Global Webinar Series

Raytec Regional Webinar Series 2016The most difficult condition for cameras to operate is during the hours of darkness – which is where lighting becomes essential.

Cameras are becoming smarter and more efficient than ever, and lighting needs to adapt to support them. Today’s camera trends for high megapixel, 4K +, multi-sensor, and low-light cameras, together with a higher adoption of video analytics, fundamentally changes how we illuminate night time scenes.

In this webinar, Raytec talk about the three main trends in LED illumination, which have evolved to support the latest camera technologies and produce the best images and system performance at night. These are:

– More powerful illumination
– Intelligent networked illumination
– Reduced cost of illumination
…and a 4th emerging trend – improved data for specifiers.

Join us to learn the latest on lighting for video surveillance and how smart lighting can transform your video quality.


This global webinar series is available for the following time zones and languages:

Upcoming Webinars


  • Seminario web en español (Segundo webinar)
    Miércoles 8 de febrero 2017
    1600 GMT /1700 CET (UK, Europe)
    1100 EST (Americas)
    Idioma: Español
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Past Webinars

  • UK/ Ireland/ Europe (1st Session)
    Wed, 9th November, 2016
    1000 GMT/ 1100 CET/ 1200 EET
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  • Australia/New Zealand
    Wed, 16th November, 2016
    0600 GMT/ 1400 AWST/ 1530 ACST/ 1600 AEST/ 1800 NZST
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  • Africa/Middle-East/Asia
    Wed, 23rd November, 2016
    0900 GMT/ 1100 CAT/ 1200 AST/ 1300 GST/ 1430 IST/ 1700 MYT/ 1800 JST
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  • Deutschsprachiges Webinar
    Datum: Mittwoch, 30. November 2016
    Zeit: 1000 GMT/1100 CET
    Sprache: Deutsch
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  • North America – East
    Wed, 7th December, 2016
    0930 EST
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  • North America – West
    Wed, 7th December, 2016
    0930 PST
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  • Seminario web en español
    Miércoles 18 de enero 2017
    1430 GMT/ 1530 CET/ 0930 EST
    Idioma: Español
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  • UK/ Ireland/ Europe (2nd Session)
    Wed, 1st February, 2017
    1000 GMT/ 1100 CET/ 1200 EET
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