How Network Lighting Makes Set-Up & Commissioning Easier

Raytec IP Lighting Set UpInstallation, setup and commissioning are made significantly easier for security professionals through the use of IP addressable network lighting. Gone are the days when we had to adjust illuminator settings in situ, often up a ladder or lift. With network lighting, installers now have quick access to configure all lighting settings via an integrated web interface from any remote network location.

Adjusting the illumination had often been a time consuming part of any security installation and often involved a 2 person trip to site at night to achieve the best results. But with network lighting, set-up becomes a 1 person job done safely from ground level anywhere on the network. You can remotely adjust your lighting levels and fine-tune your CCTV images in real time, side by side with your camera viewer. This significantly reduces visits to site and minimises labour time and costs. You can also set-up your illuminators individually or in groups for quick and easy operation of large sites.

Network lighting raises the bar for night time performance. We no longer have to settle for images that could be improved, or wait for an engineer to go to site to make operational changes. For example you can remotely alter the photocell sensitivity to change the time that your lighting turns on and off. You can also change the grouping of your illuminators at any time, alter the way in which your lighting is triggered, and use timer settings to configure the duration that lighting may be activated on alarm – all done remotely via the illuminator’s web interface.

In the rare occasion that an issue occurs with an illuminator, remote diagnostics can be proactively carried out over the network to instantly troubleshoot the problem – again significantly reducing time on site.

The development of Network Lighting completely changes the way we think about lighting and how we plan our installations. It gives us the platform to achieve a much higher performing system with improved images, and increased security and safety 24/7.