Application Focus: Sleep Labs

Raytec are the lighting experts for Sleep Labs with over 25 years of experience. In this unfamiliar environment, the CCTV system needs to capture outstanding video surveillance without comprising the comfort of the patient.

Raytec’s range of Infra-Red illuminators provide the perfect solution:

  • Available in both covert and semi- covert, Raytec IR provides a powerful yet discrete solution.
  • The units also put flexibility and simplicity at the forefront for commissioning, installation and operation.
  • Control your illuminator either by remote or through IP and integrate with other devices for a complete solution.
  • You can also customise units to suit the needs of the environment. This includes; changes to the product colour so that it blends into the background, specific bracketry so that the unit can easily be mounted to the wall and bespoke beam patterns to target the illumination where it is need.

To discover more of the benefits of Raytec IR in Sleep Labs, download the full Application Focus.