Raytec & Genetec Integration_Blog Image 24/07/2017

New Integration with Genetec Security Center

We are delighted to announce that Raytec’s range of VARIO2 IP Network Illuminators are the first illuminators to be fully integrated with Genetec’s unified security platform – Security Center. Enabled via dedicated plug-in software, VARIO2 IP illuminators can now operate in conjunction with multiple devices and applications within the Security Center platform. This integration embeds smarter surveillance lighting systems into the Security Center platform, to deliver dynamic, situation-dependent lighting exactly where and when it is needed. This smart and intelligent use of network lighting ensures the highest levels of security... Read More

Raytec IP Lighting Set Up 24/07/2017

How Network Lighting Makes Set-Up & Commissioning Easier

Installation, setup and commissioning are made significantly easier for security professionals through the use of IP addressable network lighting. Gone are the days when we had to adjust illuminator settings in situ, often up a ladder or lift. With network lighting, installers now have quick access to configure all lighting settings via an integrated web interface from any remote network location. Adjusting the illumination had often been a time consuming part of any security installation and often involved a 2 person trip to site at night to achieve the best... Read More


Supercharge the Night-Time Performance of Your Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras offer a cost effective and compact solution for general surveillance applications and many also include integrated LEDs to deliver short range night-time images. But now with the latest developments in LED lighting, you can supercharge the performance of your bullet camera with even the smallest Raytec VARIO 2 illuminator and cover impressive distances at night. Despite their popularity, bullet cameras do have some significant disadvantages. Generally their night-time performance is limited to 15-20m. The in-built LEDs also don’t have the same heat management as dedicated external illuminators which... Read More

Identify in low light 25/04/2017

Achieve Outstanding Subject Identification at Night

The quality of your illumination is a critical factor in achieving good recognition and identification from your video surveillance system at night. Even low light cameras which can produce an acceptable overview of a scene in relatively low light conditions need dedicated surveillance lighting to identify a subject at night – especially when zooming in over long distances. LED surveillance lighting is the number 1 choice for empowering your maximum zoom function. It delivers targeted and powerful illumination exactly where it is needed so that your camera is able to... Read More

Calculating Illumination Distances 24/04/2017

How We Calculate Our Illumination Distances

The security industry has historically suffered from a lack of any accepted standards for the measurement of illumination distances. Methods for measuring achievable distances have typically been left to the subjective interpretation of individual manufacturers without any scientific basis – resulting in varying claims. It is not uncommon to have two illuminators with a similar light output, that are quoted with wildly different maximum distances – because each manufacturer has a different opinion on what is classed as an acceptable image quality at their maximum distances. The first problem is... Read More

VARIO2 - More Light For Your Money 07/04/2017

Why the Evolution of Leds Means More Light for Your Money!

Over time technology improves, and the cost of that technology comes down. We can certainly see this with surveillance cameras where there has been some price erosion. This means that lighting manufacturers must also respond with lower cost solutions. If the cost of a video surveillance camera falls, then it follows that the price of lighting must also fall to support that camera. LED lighting is a global growth technology attracting lots of investment. Consequently, the performance of LEDs is constantly improving and developing. Modern illuminators that are purpose designed... Read More

Lighting for Low Light Cameras 06/04/2017

Myth Buster: Why Low Light Cameras Need Less Light – Not No Light

There is little doubt that cameras are getting better in low light conditions. All of the major camera manufacturers now have low-light models that are highly sensitive to light. These cameras are designed to maximise any available light on scene to produce images at night. But remember, these are low light cameras, not no-light cameras. All cameras need light to see, whether that’s in the security industry, photographic industry, televisual industry or integrated into your smart phone. Good lighting and a noise free image will also lower your bandwidth and... Read More

Raytec Panoramic Illumination 04/04/2017

How 1 Illuminator Can Replace Multiple Illuminators

The increased use of multi-sensor cameras also creates a demand for more powerful illumination. With multi-sensor cameras, huge areas can be monitored by stitching together multiple images, so that the end user can deploy fewer cameras to save on installation costs. A multi-sensor MP camera can cover the whole scene effectively and its digital zoom enables investigation of areas of interest. The challenge from a lighting perspective is that huge areas need to be illuminated from a single location – close to the camera. When you are replacing multiple cameras... Read More

High Performance Illuminatos 03/04/2017

Why the Latest Cameras Need More Powerful Illumination

Over the last few years we’ve seen a steady rise in users demanding more detail from their surveillance images at night. High megapixel and multi-sensor cameras are being used to provide evidential detail, not just an overview of a scene. This represents a big leap forward in image quality for the security industry. But more pixels require more light. High megapixel and 4k cameras need professional lighting to enable the higher resolutions that they are capable of – especially at night. Without dedicated lighting their performance will degrade back to... Read More

Smart Network Lighting 30/03/2017

How Network Lighting Responds Automatically to Any Incident

Many of today’s latest camera trends are IP based. IP video surveillance systems allow end users to monitor their site and respond dynamically to any event, at any time. When designing lighting for intelligent IP systems, it is important that your lighting provides this same level of control and interactivity. The latest developments in network illuminators offer the most flexible solutions for high performance night time surveillance. Network illuminators can be operated: a) manually, through a user friendly GUI that allows operators to respond to real time events and adjust... Read More