Raytec - New Factory image 15/12/2016

Raytec Move to New HQ

2016 has been a busy year for UK surveillance and hazardous area lighting manufacturer Raytec. Raytec are delighted to announce that, having outgrown their current premises, they are moving to a bigger and better facility before the end of the year. The move to the new 30,000 sqft UK premises in Ashington, Northumberland comes to support Raytec’s plans for continued growth in 2017 and beyond – providing nearly 3 times the amount of space for expansion. As the number 1 LED lighting manufacturer in the security industry, and with a... Read More

Raytec - VARIO IP web interface 17/03/2016

Take Remote Lighting Control

Integrated Web Interface Raytec VARIO IP network illuminators have an integrated web interface to provide direct control over the illuminator. This allows easy, simple set-up and configuration from anywhere on the network. It also allows an operator to take direct control over individual illuminators or groups of illuminators to respond to events on site in real time, adjusting the illuminator for the best performance. Used in this way, lighting can be instantly adjusted to deliver the best CCTV images at any time, or to respond to operational changes on site.... Read More

Raytec 2015 Highlights of the year article 10/12/2015

2015 Highlights – the Year in Review

The year 2015 at Raytec has been significant for more reasons than one. As the year draws to an end we are sharing a few highlights from 2015 which have made this year truly memorable. We also share a few insights into what 2016 holds for Raytec. Unrivalled 360° Performance at Night 2015 witnessed the launch of a number of exciting products. Among them, the new range of Panoramic Ultra wide-angle Infra-Red illuminators clearly stood out as a ground-breaking development. The performance of Panoramic Ultra illuminators is unmatched anywhere in... Read More

Raytec VARIO2 i8 Infra-Red LED 20/01/2015


LED technology is known for its high efficiency and extraordinary long lifetime of over 50,000 hours. But given that people are choosing LED luminaires because of their long product life, how can we  distinguish between LED luminaries and identify reputable manufacturers? Traditional light sources typically quote lifetime as the point at which most sample of lights (over 50%) will have failed. That is catastrophic failure. LEDs are different. Due to the material properties of LED, they rarely fail completely; rather their light output slowly decreases over time in a process... Read More

Raytec Light Fight - Compare Current Surveillance Technologies 07/08/2014


All cameras need adequate lighting to generate high quality images during the hours of darkness. No Light = No Picture. But with multiple night vision technologies in the market today, security professionals often ask the question – ‘why does my camera need dedicated CCTV lighting at night?’ To help the industry achieve a deeper understanding of night vision, Raytec recently showcased their new “Light Fight” videos at IFSEC. The 5 practical videos compare the relative performance of Raytec Stand-alone LED lighting against competing night vision technologies and highlight how each... Read More

Raytec SPARTAN Hazardous Area Luminaires 01/04/2014


1: High performance Latest SMT LED technology delivering high lumen output of up to 9,000 lumens. 2: Emergency Lighting SPARTAN also comes as emergency fitting with battery back-up to deliver light when it is needed most, and can even be upgraded to an emergency fitting on site. 3: Wide Operating Temperature Suitable for a wide variety of installations from -52°C to + 55°C and rated for T4/T5/T6 environments. 4: More Angles 8 Beam patterns from 10° to 120° both circular and elliptical.   5: Flexible Installation Integrated PSU can be removed and located remotely at ground... Read More

Raytec Test Night image 27/01/2014


1: Lighting Design Service Win your customers’ confidence with a free of charge lighting design showing lighting position, number of fittings, minimum, maximum and average light levels, uniformity and illuminator type. Lighting Designs are available in 2D or 3D and help your customers to approve the lighting system before they buy. See more information here.             2: Energy and Cost Saving Report Service Show your customers the savings possible by switching their lighting scheme to Raytec LED illuminators. Energy and cost saving reports can be... Read More



1: Jungle Bat Caves – Borneo What makes it special: Possibly the world’s most remote location. In a specialist eco surveillance project Raytec IR illuminators monitor bat caves in the deep jungle of the Mulu National Park, Borneo. Installing the lights involved crossing underground lakes by boat after a long trek through the jungle. 2: Kabul – Afghanistan What makes it special: The most dangerous capital city on the planet? In a true high security project RAYMAX Infra-Red illuminators are deployed around Kabul city as part of the international fight against terrorism.   3: Swimming pool –... Read More

Raytec VARIO IP Network Illuminator 10/09/2013


1: Prevent Crime Make intruders aware that they are under surveillance by flashing white-light illuminators. Duration and frequency of the flash can be pre-set and controlled manually or automatically triggered from another security device. 2: Provide better Surveillance images Remotely dim or boost the illuminators and dynamically respond to changes in the scene. Dynamic control provides the best possible surveillance images, particularly when used in conjunction with the VARIO Hot-Spot Reduction System (HRT). 3: Save Money Reduce electrical consumption and save energy by using the external input to trigger the lighting only where and when it is needed. 4:... Read More