Lighting for Low Light Cameras 06/04/2017

Myth Buster: Why Low Light Cameras Need Less Light – Not No Light

There is little doubt that cameras are getting better in low light conditions. All of the major camera manufacturers now have low-light models that are highly sensitive to light. These cameras are designed to maximise any available light on scene to produce images at night. But remember, these are low light cameras, not no-light cameras. All cameras need light to see, whether that’s in the security industry, photographic industry, televisual industry or integrated into your smart phone. Good lighting and a noise free image will also lower your bandwidth and... Read More

Raytec Panoramic Illumination 04/04/2017

How 1 Illuminator Can Replace Multiple Illuminators

The increased use of multi-sensor cameras also creates a demand for more powerful illumination. With multi-sensor cameras, huge areas can be monitored by stitching together multiple images, so that the end user can deploy fewer cameras to save on installation costs. A multi-sensor MP camera can cover the whole scene effectively and its digital zoom enables investigation of areas of interest. The challenge from a lighting perspective is that huge areas need to be illuminated from a single location – close to the camera. When you are replacing multiple cameras... Read More

High Performance Illuminatos 03/04/2017

Why the Latest Cameras Need More Powerful Illumination

Over the last few years we’ve seen a steady rise in users demanding more detail from their surveillance images at night. High megapixel and multi-sensor cameras are being used to provide evidential detail, not just an overview of a scene. This represents a big leap forward in image quality for the security industry. But more pixels require more light. High megapixel and 4k cameras need professional lighting to enable the higher resolutions that they are capable of – especially at night. Without dedicated lighting their performance will degrade back to... Read More

Smart Network Lighting 30/03/2017

How Network Lighting Responds Automatically to Any Incident

Many of today’s latest camera trends are IP based. IP video surveillance systems allow end users to monitor their site and respond dynamically to any event, at any time. When designing lighting for intelligent IP systems, it is important that your lighting provides this same level of control and interactivity. The latest developments in network illuminators offer the most flexible solutions for high performance night time surveillance. Network illuminators can be operated: a) manually, through a user friendly GUI that allows operators to respond to real time events and adjust... Read More


5 Ways Network Lighting Makes Your Security Smarter

Gone are the days when surveillance lighting was used as a stand-alone entity. Today, the smartest LED network lighting can be fully integrated into the heart of any IP video surveillance system. It is designed to communicate seamlessly with all devices on your network, and automatically respond to any incident at any time. Raytec’s VARIO 2 IP range of Network Lighting is dedicated to helping IP cameras get the best images at night and deterring crime. It is fully programmable meaning that you can configure it in any way you... Read More

Raytec - New Factory image 15/12/2016

Raytec Move to New HQ

2016 has been a busy year for UK surveillance and hazardous area lighting manufacturer Raytec. Raytec are delighted to announce that, having outgrown their current premises, they are moving to a bigger and better facility before the end of the year. The move to the new 30,000 sqft UK premises in Ashington, Northumberland comes to support Raytec’s plans for continued growth in 2017 and beyond – providing nearly 3 times the amount of space for expansion. As the number 1 LED lighting manufacturer in the security industry, and with a... Read More

Raytec - VARIO IP web interface 17/03/2016

Take Remote Lighting Control

Integrated Web Interface Raytec VARIO IP network illuminators have an integrated web interface to provide direct control over the illuminator. This allows easy, simple set-up and configuration from anywhere on the network. It also allows an operator to take direct control over individual illuminators or groups of illuminators to respond to events on site in real time, adjusting the illuminator for the best performance. Used in this way, lighting can be instantly adjusted to deliver the best CCTV images at any time, or to respond to operational changes on site.... Read More

Raytec 2015 Highlights of the year article 10/12/2015

2015 Highlights – the Year in Review

The year 2015 at Raytec has been significant for more reasons than one. As the year draws to an end we are sharing a few highlights from 2015 which have made this year truly memorable. We also share a few insights into what 2016 holds for Raytec. Unrivalled 360° Performance at Night 2015 witnessed the launch of a number of exciting products. Among them, the new range of Panoramic Ultra wide-angle Infra-Red illuminators clearly stood out as a ground-breaking development. The performance of Panoramic Ultra illuminators is unmatched anywhere in... Read More

Raytec VARIO2 i8 Infra-Red LED 20/01/2015


LED technology is known for its high efficiency and extraordinary long lifetime of over 50,000 hours. But given that people are choosing LED luminaires because of their long product life, how can we  distinguish between LED luminaries and identify reputable manufacturers? Traditional light sources typically quote lifetime as the point at which most sample of lights (over 50%) will have failed. That is catastrophic failure. LEDs are different. Due to the material properties of LED, they rarely fail completely; rather their light output slowly decreases over time in a process... Read More

Raytec Light Fight - Compare Current Surveillance Technologies 07/08/2014


All cameras need adequate lighting to generate high quality images during the hours of darkness. No Light = No Picture. But with multiple night vision technologies in the market today, security professionals often ask the question – ‘why does my camera need dedicated CCTV lighting at night?’ To help the industry achieve a deeper understanding of night vision, Raytec recently showcased their new “Light Fight” videos at IFSEC. The 5 practical videos compare the relative performance of Raytec Stand-alone LED lighting against competing night vision technologies and highlight how each... Read More