Raytec IP Lighting Combats Crime at Historic Manor House

Raytec Network Illuminators have been deployed as a key element of a bespoke IP security solution for a Grade II listed Manor House in Shropshire, UK to deliver outstanding night time surveillance images and actively combat crime. Previously a target of crime, the estate had no professional CCTV system, relying only on halogen lighting with inbuilt PIR detectors. The security team needed a solution which would allow 24/7 monitoring over the property, particularly at night, with the ability to respond instantly to any security breaches. SMC, leaders in electronic system... Read More


Raytec Goes On Safari

Raytec VARIO2 illuminators have been installed in the greater Kruger National Park in South Africa to capture amazing footage of some rather large and wild animals. Raytec illuminators have been used in some of the most challenging and exciting environments globally, everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the jungles of Borneo, and when specialist wildlife film makers WildEarth were looking for a solution for their live night time filming needs they turned to Raytec for support. In the film and TV industry where picture quality is everything, outstanding illumination was... Read More


Raytec Transforms Security for the National Bank of Romania

Raytec LED lighting has transformed security at a multi-site installation for the National Bank of Romania. As part of a large upgrade to an IP surveillance system, both Infra-Red and White-Light solutions were deployed to deliver a huge improvement to surveillance image quality at night, and to create a safer, more effective working environment. Security at the bank is strict, especially at the headquarters. The perimeter and access corridors are monitored by the bank’s camera system 24/7, but previously they were much more vulnerable during the hours of darkness. The... Read More

Low-light-vs-Vario Lighting - Video Analytics at night - Raytec 11/12/2015

Raytec Lighting Used to Reduce False Alarms

A council storage yard in New South Wales, Australia has deployed Raytec Infra-Red lighting to enable high definition images and significantly reduce false alarms at night. The yard holds a range of high value items and is remotely monitored during the hours of darkness when the site is unoccupied. Consequently, achieving accurate video analytics, and reducing the number of false alarms were key for both the Integrator‘CAV Audio, Video and Security’, specialists in security alarm applications, and Suretek, an Australian owned distributor and security management company. Despite the deployment of high... Read More

Raytec VARIOIP Network Illuminators - Las Vegas Case Study 22/07/2015

IP Illuminators Deter Crime

Raytec VARIO IP PoE LED Network Illuminators have revolutionised security system design and installation for a large estate in a Las Vegas country club community – unlocking system intelligence and proactively deterring crime. With multiple residences having experienced break-ins at night that resulted in extensive losses, the owner of the estate turned to the latest IP Video technology for protection; with Raytecnetwork lighting at the very centre of the solution. Project Challenge Axiom Design, Inc., a technology consulting firmspecialising in the design of Security, Communication, Entertainment and Integrated Environmental controls, was... Read More

Raytec VARIO Lighting used on Colombian Police Cars Case Study 22/01/2015


Raytec illuminators have been put to an exciting use by the police force of Bogota, Colombia. With a growing need for accurate, reliable and mobile licence plate capture to combat speeding in areas with no fixed monitoring, Bogota police cars were outfitted with licence plate cameras from IndigoVision, and VARIO Infra-Red illuminators from Raytec. A mobile and highly flexible solution was essential. But achieving proper illumination was also a hurdle, as high quality lighting is mandatory to allow licence plate cameras to perform at their maximum proficiency 24 hours a day. The... Read More

Raytec VARIO Illuminators Empower 360° Video Analytics 27/11/2014


VARIO LED illuminators from Raytec have been selected as part of a bespoke, mobile and solar powered video surveillance system, deployed across multiple locations in Germany. Local security integrator G&G Sicherheitstechnik GmbH had received significant demand for a mobile surveillance solution to provide the detection and identification of subjects at night, from locations which did not have mains power. These included large construction sites, highway and bridge construction, event security, outdoor and open space monitoring. Specialists in bespoke video and alarm system design, G&G Sicherheitstechnik GmbH set about creating a solution. Good... Read More

Raytec VARIO Lighting Vancouver Canada Case Study 15/10/2014


Raytec is at the heart of a best in class 24-7 HD CCTV system for a residential client. Colin Bradley, President of specialist audio video integration company ‘Coastal Integrated Technologies’ in Vancouver, who was responsible for designing the system explains: “From the outset we knew that high quality illumination was going to be a key component for this project. The challenge was making the installation look residential as opposed to institutional. We were really going for that non-prison look.” The client did not want white lighting or any visible red... Read More

Raytec VARIO Illuminators Illinois Police Department Case Study 11/09/2014


A Police Department in Illinois has chosen Raytec’saward-winning VARIO Infra-Red LED Illuminators to provide high performance surveillance lighting for an urban concert park. With large public events regularly taking place in the park, good lighting was required to improve CCTV image quality for ensuring public safety and reducing crime. The previous street lighting along the park’s pathways did not provide optimal illumination for night time surveillance. It produced a highly uneven spread of light and was not aligned with the camera field of view, leading to poor quality, unusable images... Read More

Raytec Raymax Illuminators protect Australian Water Plant 14/07/2014


South Australia Water has chosen Raytec Infra-Red illuminators in a state-of-the-art perimeter security upgrade of their water treatment plant in Adelaide, South Australia. Initially, the tender called for visible lighting to provide a specified 3 lux for the cameras around the fence line. However specialist security designers and integrators AG Security Group proposed an entirely different solution that was successful in winning the tender; putting forward Raytec Infra-Red CCTV lighting. “We had previously deployed Raytec lighting on similar projects”comments Wayne McKenny, Project Manager of AG Security Group, “and the products... Read More