Raytec IP PoE Illuminators 30/03/2017

New Range of Network Illuminators

Raytec have launched two new product lines as they continue to invest in network lighting. VARIO 2 IP and VARIO 2 PoE will provide purpose built lighting solutions for network applications and sit alongside the existing range of VARIO 2 illuminators. Both new product lines feature the latest Platinum Elite LED technology from Raytec, delivering up to 200% more power, distances up to 500m from a single LED panel and more light output for your money. VARIO 2 IP is a range of fully IP addressable network illuminators that delivers... Read More

Raytec - New Factory image 15/12/2016

Raytec Move to New HQ

2016 has been a busy year for UK surveillance and hazardous area lighting manufacturer Raytec. Raytec are delighted to announce that, having outgrown their current premises, they are moving to a bigger and better facility before the end of the year. The move to the new 30,000 sqft UK premises in Ashington, Northumberland comes to support Raytec’s plans for continued growth in 2017 and beyond – providing nearly 3 times the amount of space for expansion. As the number 1 LED lighting manufacturer in the security industry, and with a... Read More

Raytec New Additions to the Sales Team 2016 14/07/2016

New Team Members

Raytec are delighted to welcome Laurence Martel (L) and Allen Patterson (R) as the newest additions to the Europe and Middle-East/South east Asia sales teams respectively.To support a growing customer base, with increasing system design and technical support requirements from these regions, Raytec continue to invest in the sales team to meet global demand for local, specialist lighting support.

Raytec VARIO2 Illuminators 15/06/2016

Discover New VARIO2

Raytec is proud to debut the next generation range of illuminators for video surveillance at IFSEC 2016 –VARIO2. VARIO2 delivers world leading power and illumination distances. Using PLATINUM Elite SMT LED technology, it delivers up to 236% more power and greater illumination distances from a smaller platform than Raytec’s last-generation illuminators. Covering ultra-long distances VARIO2 illuminators enable video surveillance cameras to capture highly detailed images at distances up to 500m (1640ft) from a single illuminator. This offers you more flexibility to meet challenging installation requirements from both Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators.... Read More

Raytec IFSEC Seminar 13/06/2016

Join Our IFSEC Seminar

‘The Future of Low Light Surveillance’ 21 June 2016 15.40 – 16.10 IFSEC International Exhibition Installer Theatre By David Lambert – Managing Director (Joint) If you think you know how to best achieve good video images at night, think again. The latest camera technology trends for high megapixel, 4k, multi-sensor and low-light cameras together with higher adoption rates of video analytics fundamentally change the way we illuminate night time scenes for optimal performance. In this seminar, Raytec talk about the three main trends in night-time illumination to support the latest camera... Read More

Raytec Integration - Avigilon 03/02/2016

New VARIO IP Integration with AVIGILON™ Control Center

Raytec is delighted to announce that VARIO IP Network Illuminators are now fully integrated with the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) ™ Video Management System from Avigilon™. Through the use of the integration with the Avigilon Control Center from Avigilon™, VARIO IP illuminators can now operate in conjunction with Avigilon HD video security cameras and other network devices. This integration improves security event response capabilities by delivering dynamic, situation-dependent lighting to accompany live security camera events. Overall, ensuring the highest levels of security and safety at all times in answering incidents. In... Read More


Raytec Launch Industry’s First Lighting for Surveillance Standard

Raytec are proud to present the industry’s first ever Lighting Standard for Video Surveillance Applications – ‘POWERS’.  It is designed to enable consultants, installers and end-users to more easily specify and compare the performance of different illuminators.  Historically, there has been no standard way to specify and compare different lighting products designed for Video Surveillance and their performance claims – particularly Infra-Red lighting. This ultimately causes confusion and potential disappointment for customers. Lighting manufacturers currently publish very limited information – in the majority of cases they merely quote a maximum... Read More


Raytec Announce New Global Alliances Manager

Raytec are delighted to welcome Elaine Bennett to the team as Global Alliances Manager. Technology alliance partnerships have been instrumental to our success and we are proud to work closely with the world’s leading manufacturers of video surveillance and security technologies in delivering complete solutions that provide the highest levels of protection. In addition, the launch of VARIO IP, the industry’s first range of Network Illuminators, has allowed us to pioneer even smarter, more responsive and fully system-integrated IP lighting solutions with our partners, further enhancing security. As Global Alliances Manager,... Read More

Raytec International Platinum Partner Conference 2015 12/11/2015

Raytec Celebrates 10 Years of Lighting Innovation

2015 marks Raytec’s 10 year anniversary of lighting innovation in the security industry! To celebrate this occasion we hosted a milestone 10 Year International Platinum Partner Conference (IPPC). Held this October in Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, we were delighted to be joined by 70 of our key partners from all over the world. Since our last IPPC, lighting has become significantly smarter especially with Raytec’s development of the industry’s first IP addressable range of network illuminators – VARIO IP. Conference attendees received first hand advice fromRaytec lighting experts on the... Read More

Raytec Lighting Design App 31/10/2015

Raytec Launch New Lighting Design App

Raytec are delighted to unveil the new Raytec Design App – a first of its kind app to make lighting design for video surveillance applications simple, quick and easy, and simplify the product selection process. “With the new Raytec Design App it has never been easier to add lighting to video surveillance systems.” says David Lambert, Raytec’s Managing Director (Joint).  “It puts an incredibly user-friendly lighting design tool at our customers’ fingertips, giving them the power to design professional lighting systems and deliver a simple visualisation of lighting on site”. Through... Read More