Raytec POWERS The Industry's First Video Surveillanec Lighting Standard - Webinar 26/11/2015

Webinar – Powers the Industry’s First Video Surveillance Lighting Standard

Raytec is proud to launch the industry’s first ever published video surveillance  lighting standard – “POWERS”.  Introduced at our 10 year International Platinum Partner Conference in October 2015, our new open standard provides a method for specifying and comparing illuminators – helping our customers provide a true representation of the performance that their lighting will deliver. In this webinar Raytec’s MD (Joint) and lighting expert David Lambert will introduce the theory behind Raytec’s new POWERS standard. He will discuss the complexity of evaluating claimed illuminator performances and the need for... Read More

Raytec Lighting Design Service video 23/07/2015

Raytec Lighting Design Video

Raytec offer no charge 2D and 3D lighting design plans to highlight the best possible lighting positions, number of fittings and detailed lighting levels. See how our team of expert lighting designers can help you design a custom scheme that ensures excellent lighting performance and efficiency. LEARN MORE

Raytec Panoramic Lighting for Amazing 360° images at night 21/07/2015

The Answer to Amazing 360° Cctv – Panoramic Ultra Lighting

Launched at IFSEC 2015, Raytec’s new range of Panoramic Ultra Infra-Red illuminators went down a storm. The new range of illuminators is designed for all PTZ domes, wide angle and multi-sensor cameras covering large areas. It provides powerful wide angle 180° illumination to allow these cameras to generate outstanding full scene images at night – so that your camera never misses an event! Panoramic Ultra’s performance is unrivaled. The illuminators use the latest Platinum Elite LEDs and highly focused elliptical beam patterns to deliver the best wide angle CCTV images at... Read More

Raytec Panoramic Lighting for Amazing 360° images at night 17/07/2015

Webinar – Using New Panoramic Lighting to Achieve Amazing 360° Images at Night

In this webinar David Lambert (MD – Joint) discusses the latest developments and trends in the security industry, including 360° CCTV, and how new lighting advancements compliment developments in PTZ domes, wide-angle, and multi-sensor cameras, and help them to achieve amazing images at night across larger areas. Listen to an expert’s take on how Panoramic Ultra lighting makes 360° CCTV truly successful at night and renders all criterion for high-security CCTV achievable, including – a wider field of view, longer distances, high definition images, full video analytics functionality, and powerful... Read More

Raytec Panoramic Ultra 180 degree illumination - Capture Every Detail Video1 12/06/2015

Capture Every Detail with Panoramic Ultra

Providing powerful 180° lighting, Raytec Panoramic Ultra illuminators cover huge areas, allowing cameras to capture any event that occurs, anywhere in the scene and zoom into the incident to capture high-quality, clear images.

Raytec Panoramic Ultra 180 degree illumination - Identify Subjects at 150m plus 12/06/2015

Identify at 150m + with Panoramic Ultra

Accurate subject identification and facial recognition is essential for successful prosecution and reducing false alarms. Watch how a single Panoramic Ultra illuminator enables this while providing simultaneous seamless 180° coverage. Did you know that the treeline in the video is 250m away?

Raytec Panoramic Ultra 180 degree Illumination for amazing 360 degree surveillance images 12/06/2015


The new RAYMAX Panoramic Ultra illuminators represent the latest development in ultra wide 180° illumination, for seamless, full scene surveillance images at night. Panoramic Ultra illuminators now offer a much better spread of light and longer illumination with distances up to 150m (492ft) at 180°, making them perfect for wide angle, PTZ, multi-sensor, or 360° dome cameras covering large areas.

Raytec 850nm VS 940nm comparison video 27/02/2015

850nm VS 940nm Infra-Red Lighting

We are often asked ‘what is the performance difference between 850nm and 940nm infra-red lighting?’ We answer your question with this video. All cameras are most sensitive to 850nm infra-red, delivering superior surveillance footage at night. 940nm delivers virtually invisible covert lighting but does result in reduced performance (typically up to 40% less) and requires a very sensitive camera. Here we take a high performance camera and see how it performs with 850nm and 940nm

Raytec Axis ACAP Integration Plug In Video 26/02/2015


The VARIO IP PoE range of network illuminators is the first lighting range to be ‘edge’ integrated into the ACAP open platform to create dynamic and instantly responsive lighting that can be controlled by Axis cameras.