Application Focus: The Cannabis Industry

Raytec has over 40 years of experience in the lighting industry, supplying LEDs across a wide range of diverse applications. One of these applications is the legal cannabis industry. As attitudes around the world are changing towards the use of cannabis, LEDs have a major part to play in not just the growing process, but also the security of the growing facilities. As the cannabis industry has strict regulations, security is vital in the licensing process. Raytec’s knowledge of these security requirements lends an advantage over other manufacturers who are... Read More


New White-Paper: Lighting for Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

This new White-Paper explores the lighting solutions for intelligent transport systems around the world, including LPR/ ANPR number plate installations. With the increasing deployment of such systems into a wide variety of applications, Raytec want to share our theoretical knowledge and practical experience of such installations. Download our White-Paper for insights into; Key elements for image capture in an LPR/ ANPR system Common global challenges of capturing the plate Advanced lighting features Pulsed vs. constant lighting All in one vs. separates The Common Challenges and Solutions

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Application Focus: Sleep Labs

Raytec are the lighting experts for Sleep Labs with over 25 years of experience. In this unfamiliar environment, the CCTV system needs to capture outstanding video surveillance without comprising the comfort of the patient. Raytec’s range of Infra-Red illuminators provide the perfect solution: Available in both covert and semi- covert, Raytec IR provides a powerful yet discrete solution. The units also put flexibility and simplicity at the forefront for commissioning, installation and operation. Control your illuminator either by remote or through IP and integrate with other devices for a complete... Read More


White-Paper: A Guide to Connected Lighting for IP Video Surveillance

The world today is more connected than it has ever been. But how does this trend for connectivity affect video surveillance and what is its impact on lighting? Download our latest White-Paper and read why IP video surveillance systems need connected lighting to improve night-time performance and how connected lighting delivers intelligent, situation responsive surveillance systems. Get our new White-Paper for insights into: What the age of IP video surveillance means for lighting The benefits of network lighting Intelligent lighting that responds to events Future trends in network lighting

Raytec - POWERS E-book 06/06/2017

Download E-Book: The Lighting Standard for Video Surveillance

Raytec are delighted to release a new e-book which is dedicated to helping our customers fully understand and use our new ‘POWERS’ lighting standard for video surveillance. Explore the fundamentals of lighting for surveillance, our recommended benchmarks, and the scientific methods behind how we calculate our illumination distances. Learn how to use POWERS to reliably compare different illuminators, achieve a consistent level of performance and specify with confidence – and know the TRUE performance of your illuminator. DOWNLOAD E-BOOK (Deutsch)    

Raytec White-Paper 07/11/2016

White-Paper: The Future of Low Light Surveillance

Achieving high performance images at night is one of the greatest priorities of any video surveillance system. Under the cover of darkness there is a greater risk of crime, but it is also the most difficult condition for the camera to operate. This is where lighting becomes essential. Cameras are becoming smarter and more efficient than ever, and lighting needs to adapt to support the latest camera trends. The latest trends in higher megapixel, 4k+, multi-sensor and low-light cameras, along with a greater adoption of video analytics, are fundamentally changing... Read More

Raytec white-paper - Creating Dynamic Lighting 22/07/2016

White-Paper: Creating Dynamic Lighting for Network Systems

With the growth of IP surveillance, the need for dedicated network lighting is becoming increasingly important for all high security installations to ensure the highest level of security 24/7. This white-paper will provide advice on how to configure Raytec VARIO IP PoE network illuminators into a fully integrated security system, seamlessly operating in conjunction with all other network devices. It will outline how to create a smart and dynamic system, capable of delivering an automatic response, to proactively deter crime and provide lighting on demand only when needed for surveillance... Read More

Raytec white-paper - Comparing Technologies & Specifications 12/12/2014

White-Paper: Comparing Technologies and Specifications

LEDs are the lighting solution of the future. LED technology is the fastest growing lighting solution in the world and is now used for everything from lighting for surveillance, lighting for vehicles, domestic lighting and now, even for street lighting. In this white-paper we discuss why to understand lighting, you must understand LED technology and its relative merits against both other lighting technologies, and other night-vision techniques.

Raytec white-paper - Lighting Theory 22/05/2014

White-Paper: Lighting Theory

Light is fundamental to video surveillance. Without light no images are possible as it is light that makes the world visible both to the human eye and to the surveillance camera. In this white-paper we discuss how  the performance of video surveillance systems depends not only on the essential components of camera and lens, but also on the quantity, quality, and distribution of available light. Light determines whether a subject can be viewed at all, at what distances, and the quality and direction of the light controls the appearance of the... Read More

Raytec white-paper Tips from 100 in light 25/01/2013

White-Paper: Tips from 100 Years in Light

Raytec’s lighting experts with over 100 years combined experience in lighting reveal their personal tips for video surveillance and general area illumination. Cameras, just like people, need light to see at night. So every security professional will benefit from a core understanding of light. Despite the importance of lighting, it is sometimes overlooked or specified incorrectly when it comes to the design and installation of a security system; often due to a lack of understanding. Raytec are 100% focussed on lighting and six of Raytec’s lighting experts who each have over... Read More