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Raytec - Eight legged problem with integrated infra-red 21/11/2013


Cameras using integrated infra-red generate more heat, causing insects, like spiders, to make their home right in front of them – meaning the cameras view is often completely obscured, causing false alarms and rendering footage unusable.



1: Jungle Bat Caves – Borneo What makes it special: Possibly the world’s most remote location. In a specialist eco surveillance project Raytec IR illuminators monitor bat caves in the deep jungle of the Mulu National Park, Borneo. Installing the lights involved crossing underground lakes by boat after a long trek through the jungle. 2: Kabul – Afghanistan What makes it special: The most dangerous capital city on the planet? In a true high security project RAYMAX Infra-Red illuminators are deployed around Kabul city as part of the international fight against terrorism.   3: Swimming pool –... Read More

Raytec VARIO IP Network Illuminator 10/09/2013


1: Prevent Crime Make intruders aware that they are under surveillance by flashing white-light illuminators. Duration and frequency of the flash can be pre-set and controlled manually or automatically triggered from another security device. 2: Provide better Surveillance images Remotely dim or boost the illuminators and dynamically respond to changes in the scene. Dynamic control provides the best possible surveillance images, particularly when used in conjunction with the VARIO Hot-Spot Reduction System (HRT). 3: Save Money Reduce electrical consumption and save energy by using the external input to trigger the lighting only where and when it is needed. 4:... Read More

Raytec white-paper Tips from 100 in light 25/01/2013

White-Paper: Tips from 100 Years in Light

Raytec’s lighting experts with over 100 years combined experience in lighting reveal their personal tips for video surveillance and general area illumination. Cameras, just like people, need light to see at night. So every security professional will benefit from a core understanding of light. Despite the importance of lighting, it is sometimes overlooked or specified incorrectly when it comes to the design and installation of a security system; often due to a lack of understanding. Raytec are 100% focussed on lighting and six of Raytec’s lighting experts who each have over... Read More

Raytec VARIO Infra-red footage video 15/11/2012


Achieve outstanding images with VARIO illuminators. Light governs image quality, and the right quantity and quality of light helps you to achieve the best performance from your camera and lens. VARIO illuminators features a unique Interchangeable Lens System that enables you to quickly and easily adjust the angle of illumination to match the camera field of view – for perfect alignment and the very best images at all times. VARIO illuminators also utilise hot-spot reduction technology (HRT). This places more light where it is most needed, providing an even distribution... Read More

Raytec white-paper - How good is your light 23/08/2012

White-Paper: How Good is Your Light?

In this white-paper lighting expert Tony Whiting Managing Director (Joint) at Raytec will walk you through the key decision criteria to help you select the correct illuminator for your requirements. Topics covered include the level of performance you require, the flexibility to meet specific installation requirements, the reliability demanded by you and your customer, compliance with all necessary legislation, a cost-effective solution, and more! Along the way you’ll find pro-tips and advice from Tony’s 20+ years of industry experience, and practical examples of what these mean for you.

Raytec How Tough is your Light video 22/12/2011


Quality and reliability is vitally important for video surveillance lighting specialists Raytec, both in the high quality, low energy LED products which they manufacture and the first class customer service that they deliver. Here is a short video demonstrating the tough quality testing regime that all Raytec products must go through to ensure the highest levels of performance, consistency, durability and reliability.

Raytec lighting installation in the remote bat caves of Borneo 22/10/2010


Raytec’s IR deployed in the remote Bat caves of the Borneo National Park, in specialist eco project with CTG Security Matrix, Australian Integrated Security and The Tribesman of the National Park.