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Raytec Launch New Urban-X Luminaires

Raytec are delighted to launch Urban-X; a new range of high-performance general area luminaires designed for a range of industrial applications, as well as pathways, street lighting and perimeter fence lines. Initially launching the range with the Urban-X Mini, the most compact and lightweight Urban-X luminaire,  Raytec have since launched the Urban-X Pro, the most powerful luminaire in the family. Urban-X delivers several performance advantages compared to traditional lighting: High Performance Available with a lumen output up to 14,000lm, the Urban-X range achieves incredibly powerful illumination from a small platform... Read More

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3 Reasons to Upgrade to Hybrid

At Raytec we’re very proud of our Hybrid illuminators. Hybrid combines White-Light and Infra-Red technology into a single illuminator, and with variants which feature full IP connectivity, represent the most advanced product of its type in today’s security market. In this article, we look at some of the key benefits in more detail.  2-in-1 Solution With Hybrid combining White-Light and IR into a single unit, the number of illuminators on-site can be reduced along with the amount of cabling and other infrastructure required; ultimately reducing overall capital outlay. However, what about performance... Read More


Winter Promotion: Free Upgrade to Hybrid When You Buy Infra-Red

Experience Raytec’s award winning Vario2 Hybrid illuminator with our winter 2018 promotion. Raytec are offering a FREE upgrade to Hybrid when you purchase a Vario2 Infra-Red illuminator; giving you all the performance of the Infra-Red illuminator with additional White-Light functionality at no extra cost. What Is Vario2 Hybrid? Hybrid is a 2-in-1 solution which incorporates Infra-Red for covert surveillance, and White-Light which can be triggered on demand; either as a visual deterrent with a flashing output, or for additional on-scene information for colour cameras. Hybrid is a single body illuminator... Read More


Come and Visit Us at Security Essen 18

Raytec will be exhibiting at Security Essen, stand 5B48 in Hall 5, from 25th-28th September, 2018. The Raytec team will be there to discuss our latest LED lighting innovations, including the VARIO2 Hybrid Network Illuminator.  This cutting-edge technology delivers the power of two whole illuminators, one Infra-Red and one White-Light, in a single IP PoE platform. The Infra-Red illumination can be used for general day-to-day surveillance whilst the White-Light can be used as a deterrent in an emergency or unexpected situation, or to deliver additional on-scene information upon activation. The ability to have both Infra-Red and White-Light capability in one product provides even... Read More


VARIO 2 IP Hybrid Named as Finalist in GIT Security Awards

Raytec are proud to have been named as finalists in the GIT Security Awards 2018/19 with the VARIO 2 IP Hybrid Illuminator, in the category ‘Safety and Security Management, Services and Solutions’. VARIO 2 IP Hybrid combines four key technologies into a single networked package, with Infra-Red, White-Light, PoE and IP connectivity all incorporated into one illuminator. As the first and only IP-enabled Hybrid Network illuminator, VARIO 2 IP Hybrid represents the most advanced product of its type in the security market today. For more information on VARIO2 IP Hybrid... Read More

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3 Benefits of Pulsed Lighting

Pulsed illumination offers several benefits that are well suited to transport applications. In this article we will look at three of these benefits in more detail. More Light The lifetime of an illuminator is controlled by the average operating temperature of an LED. Because pulsed illuminators are only turned on for a fraction of the total amount of available time (duty cycle), this means there is significant scope to increase the light output of an LED illuminator for shorter periods. Raytec pulsed illuminators typically provide 400% power output compared to... Read More


Webinar: A Guide to Lighting for Intelligent Transport Applications

This FREE webinar is an opportunity to discover the latest techniques in lighting for transportation applications and how they can be applied to deliver outstanding results. Designed for both security professionals unfamiliar with the specific challenges of transportation projects and experienced specialists who want to unlock the highest levels of performance, the webinar will cover the latest advice for: Number plate capture, pulsed or constant lighting, illuminating fast moving targets, driver recognition and vehicle occupancy, hard shoulder monitoring and other OCR applications (trains, containers, track inspection).        ... Read More


The Next Big Trend in Lighting Will Be…Hybrid Illuminators

The big trend in video surveillance lighting today is Network Illuminators. A move towards smarter network cameras has created a demand for smarter lighting that provides the correct amount of light for any situation and is capable of delivering the appropriate lighting response to any security event. The latest video surveillance systems require both good night-time images and connectivity between devices to deliver the best results. Since Raytec launched the first network illuminator in 2013, a technology that has now evolved into VARIO2 IP, fully addressable network lighting has been... Read More


Raytec Lighting Design Service

Raytec’s Lighting Design Service offers professional support as a free service. Our team of expert lighting designers can help you design a custom scheme that ensures excellent lighting performance and efficiency. This in-depth lighting design service includes 2D and 3D lighting plans that ensure excellent lighting performance and efficiency, highlighting the best possible lighting positions, number of fittings and detailed lighting levels. Let us help you design your lighting scheme: Contact Design Team


White-Paper: A Guide to Connected Lighting for IP Video Surveillance

The world today is more connected than it has ever been. But how does this trend for connectivity affect video surveillance and what is its impact on lighting? Download our latest White-Paper and read why IP video surveillance systems need connected lighting to improve night-time performance and how connected lighting delivers intelligent, situation responsive surveillance systems. Get our new White-Paper for insights into: What the age of IP video surveillance means for lighting The benefits of network lighting Intelligent lighting that responds to events Future trends in network lighting