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Creating Smarter Systems with Network Lighting

Lighting has always been an essential component of high security video surveillance systems but has historically been treated as a stand-alone accessory. However, with the development of Network Lighting, it firmly places illumination at the very core of our security systems and unlocks more intelligence than ever before. It enables us to use lighting as an interactive and dynamic tool which can respond instantly to any situation at any time. IP Lighting can be fully automated to operate even if your site is unmanned. It can be triggered from any... Read More


How Raytec Calculate Illumination Angles?

The spread of light from your illuminator has a critical impact on the success of your video surveillance system. But in the absence of any accepted industry standards and testing methods the calculation of Width/Angle has historically been left open to the interpretation of the manufacturer – leading to varying performance claims. This has always made it virtually impossible for consultants, installers and end-users to specify surveillance lighting with confidence, reliably compare products, and achieve a consistent level of performance. Width/Angle Performance Consider the two images above, both manufacturers could... Read More


Webinar : Network Lighting – Stay Connected to Your Security

WEBINAR : NETWORK LIGHTING – STAY CONNECTED TO YOUR SECURITY If you have a network video system then you need to know about the benefits of network lighting. Join our new webinar as David Lambert (Managing Director- Joint) explores Network Lighting and how it enables you to stay connected to your security in the IP era. Join us to get insights into why LED Network Lighting is the key ingredient to unlocking more performance – getting the best images at all times, improving video analytics, and responding instantly to any... Read More


Take Live Control

All cameras need light to see during the hours of darkness. But with IP based security systems on the rise, it’s Network Lighting which not only helps us to generate good night time images, but which works with the entire IP system to help us stay connected to our site at all times. Being IP addressable, Network Lighting is designed to deliver the right amount of lighting exactly when and where you need it. Whether controlling it via its web interface, your VMS/BMS, or other platform integration, you have the... Read More


Raytec IP Lighting Combats Crime at Historic Manor House

Raytec Network Illuminators have been deployed as a key element of a bespoke IP security solution for a Grade II listed Manor House in Shropshire, UK to deliver outstanding night time surveillance images and actively combat crime. Previously a target of crime, the estate had no professional CCTV system, relying only on halogen lighting with inbuilt PIR detectors. The security team needed a solution which would allow 24/7 monitoring over the property, particularly at night, with the ability to respond instantly to any security breaches. SMC, leaders in electronic system... Read More

Raytec Webinar 24/08/2017

Webinar: Raytec Illuminators on Installed Surveillance Projects

Raytec has seen many Infra-Red and White-Light illuminators installed on thousands of sites worldwide. This webinar “Raytec Illuminators on Installed Surveillance Projects (Arena & Residential)” will explore several recent projects in the USA and Canada – illustrating the process of design, installation and benefits of the operation of the illuminators. Join the Raytec experts to learn how more powerful and smarter lighting can significantly improve system performance and deliver huge savings. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. This webinar occurs several times.... Read More


Raytec Goes On Safari

Raytec VARIO2 illuminators have been installed in the greater Kruger National Park in South Africa to capture amazing footage of some rather large and wild animals. Raytec illuminators have been used in some of the most challenging and exciting environments globally, everywhere from the Arctic Circle to the jungles of Borneo, and when specialist wildlife film makers WildEarth were looking for a solution for their live night time filming needs they turned to Raytec for support. In the film and TV industry where picture quality is everything, outstanding illumination was... Read More

Raytec & Genetec Integration_Blog Image 24/07/2017

New Integration with Genetec Security Center

We are delighted to announce that Raytec’s range of VARIO2 IP Network Illuminators are the first illuminators to be fully integrated with Genetec’s unified security platform – Security Center. Enabled via dedicated plug-in software, VARIO2 IP illuminators can now operate in conjunction with multiple devices and applications within the Security Center platform. This integration embeds smarter surveillance lighting systems into the Security Center platform, to deliver dynamic, situation-dependent lighting exactly where and when it is needed. This smart and intelligent use of network lighting ensures the highest levels of security... Read More

Raytec IP Lighting Set Up 24/07/2017

How Network Lighting Makes Set-Up & Commissioning Easier

Installation, setup and commissioning are made significantly easier for security professionals through the use of IP addressable network lighting. Gone are the days when we had to adjust illuminator settings in situ, often up a ladder or lift. With network lighting, installers now have quick access to configure all lighting settings via an integrated web interface from any remote network location. Adjusting the illumination had often been a time consuming part of any security installation and often involved a 2 person trip to site at night to achieve the best... Read More

VARIO2 IP Hybrid_Blog Image 05/07/2017

Meet VARIO2 IP Hybrid: Our Most Connected Illuminator

We are excited to launch our new VARIO2 IP Hybrid range of network illuminators which were debuted for the first time at IFSEC 2017. VARIO2 IP Hybrid immediately becomes our most advanced illuminator, combining Infra-Red, White-Light, IP and PoE technology into a single package to deliver any lighting solution where and when it is needed. Infra-Red can be used for covert surveillance, and White-Light can be activated on demand to act as a visual deterrent, or to provide additional scene information for colour cameras. Utilising PLATINUM Elite twin-core SMT LEDs... Read More