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SPARTAN SPX-FL24 Emergency Long Range Infra-Red Ex Illuminator

Code: SPX-FL24-iEM50
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The SPARTAN range of Infra-Red Ex LED luminaires is globally certified for all zone 1 and zone 2 hazardous area environments. Designed for all hazardous area video surveillance applications, the SPARTAN Infra-Red range delivers outstanding images from any camera at night. As an Emergency variant, the SPX-FL24-iEM50 features an additional battery backup module that delivers up to 100% light output under emergency conditions. All SPARTAN luminaires feature removable PSU and LED modules for easy access and inspection. The CoolXtrude™ thermal management system delivers an operational life of 10 years+ and a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +55°C; rated up to T6 environments. The SPARTAN SPX-FL24-iEM25 delivers distances up to 325m (1,066ft).

Infra-Red LED Hazardous Area Lighting
Globally Certified for Zone 1 and Zone 2
Designed for Video Surveillance
Battery Backup Module for Emergency Operation
Maintenance and Inspection Friendly
Removable PSU and LED Modules
CoolXtrude™ Thermal Management System
10 Year + Operational Life
-40°C to +55°C

Certification: ATEX and IEC Ex rated for zone 1&2 Gas and Dust - and C1D2
Max Distance: 325m (1,066ft)
Angles and Max Distances: 
10°x10° - 325m (1,066ft)
35°x10° - 158m (518ft)
60°x25° - 113m (371ft)
80°x30° - 73m (240ft)
120°x50° - 49m (161ft)
+ 30, 50 and 120° circular options
Input: 110-254V 50/60Hz AC only
Low voltage option also available.
Beam Shape: Elliptical or Circular
Beam Angle System: Vario interchangeable lens system (elliptical) / Fixed (circular)
Consumption: 68W
LED Type: Platinum Elite SMT LEDs
Number of LEDs: 24
Wavelength: 850nm